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William R. Ambrosia


William R. Ambrosia

Bill Ambrosia-Cerio started training in the martial arts in March of 1973 with Nick Cerio and Nancy Cerio
at the Cerio’s Academy of Martial Arts in Warwick, RI. Nancy and Nick are his mom and step-dad

Through the years Bill competed actively in tournaments up and down the east coast, amassing quite a few
trophies. As a youngster, he was recognized by the U.F.M.A as a Junior Forms and Sparring Champion. He
was awarded the title of the 1976 Champion in each of these divisions.

In 1978, Nick and Nancy Cerio formulated the RI Amateur Kickboxing Union. This organization
concentrated on promoting kick boxing matches in the New England area. Bill began his kickboxing
training at age 12. He worked out in a group of kickboxers that ranged from 18 to 26 years of age and held
his own. During 1978 through to 1980, Bill participated in exhibition bouts at some of the kickboxing
events. The Kickboxing union ran events on Friday evenings and called them “Friday night at the Fights”, a
take-up on the ones that were broadcasted during the 1950's.

In 1983, Bill tested and passed his Shodan test. He was 17 years old at the time. Normally the lowest age
limit was 16. But because he was Nick Cerio & Nancy Cerio’s son, he was kept back so that no one would
be able to say that he was “given” his belt because he was their son. It was July 29th, it was 95/ outside and
we had no air conditioners at that time. Needless to say that it was an endurance struggle and not one
complaint from those testing that day.

Bill continued training and competing until he was involved in a serious auto accident (hit head-on by a
drunk driver). The doctors said that he would never be able to do martial arts again as his right knee was
shattered. After recuperation from the preliminary surgeries, he began working out and training harder,
roping 1, 2 and 3 minute rounds on only one leg. After approximately 7 surgeries and extensive physical
therapy, Bill recovered and proved the doctors wrong. Doctors rarely, if ever, seem take into consideration
the human factor!

Also an IT specialist, Bill opened his own business as well as worked for numerous well-known computer
firms. In addition, he married in 1997 and began raising a family . He has 3 children, Hannah, Nick and Julia.
Currently, Bill free-lances as an IT specialist and teaches martial arts at the Cerio Ambrosia Martial Arts
Center in No. Kingstown, R.I., as well as traveling and teaching seminars.

Brief Summary: Began Kenpo training in March 1, 1973 with Nick Cerio in Warwick R.I. at 6 years of age.
Black Belt ranks in Kenpo:

(1) Shodan: July 29, 1983 At age 17 - Nick Cerio & Nancy Cerio - Nick Cerio’s Kenpo
Was required to wait an extra year so people wouldn’t say that he was “Given the rank because he was
Nick Cerio & Nancy Cerio’s son. Other students who trained from childhood and had the same material
were eligible at age 16 (to test for Shodan)
(2) Nidan: October 5, 1986 - Nick Cerio - UFMA - Nick Cerio’s Kenpo
(3) Sandan: August 1, 1993 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo - Nick Cerio’s Kenpo
(4) Yondan: September 13, 1996 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo
(5) Godan: September 26, 2001 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo - Kimo Ferreira, Kenpo Jutsu Kai Intl.
(6) Rokudan: June 17, 2010 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo
(7) Shichidan: April 27, 2012 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo - Kimo Ferreira, Kenpo Jutsu Kai Intl
(8) Hachidan: June 14, 2014 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo - Intl. Kenpo Council of Grandmasters
(9) Kudan: June 4, 2016 - Nancy Cerio - Leedokan Kenpo - Intl. Kenpo Council of Grandmasters

Kickboxing 1976 UFMA Competitor of the year Junior division
1978 Trained with Nick Cerio and Nancy Cerio starting at age 12. Performed in exhibition bouts at the
Knights of Columbus Hall Warwick RI, sanctioned by the R.I. Amateur Kickboxing Union.
1982 and 1983 Featured in Who’s Who in Karate as an under be lt

Edmond Parker, Tadashi Yamashita, Bill Wallace, Feliciano “Kimo” Ferreira, Leo Fong, Joe Lewis, Larry
Garron , George Pesare, Bill Mc Grath
The Gathering in California 2001 Bruce Jucknick Martial Arts Collective Society

Kenpo, Nick Cerio’s Kenpo, Leedokan Kenpo, Kenpo Jutsu, Pikiti Tirsia, Blade Fighting, Kickboxing,
Stick fighting, Okinawan Bo, Nunchaku,

2004 Shoju kempo International HOF Instructor of the Year award Prof. L. Martin
2004 International Black Belt HOF For Dedication and Instruction of Martial Arts Rocky DiRico
2013 Inducted into the Hall of Fame for the MARTIAL ARTS HISTORY MUSEUM in California

Began assisting and teaching in 1983 at Nick Cerio’s Kenpo Studio in No. Kingstown, R.I.
1990-9 2 Assistant Defensive Tactics Instructor at the R.I. Municipal Police Academy in Lincoln , R.I.
1993 Assistant Defensive Tactics Instructor for Donald W. Wyatt Federal Detention Center in Central Falls, RI
Assisted and also ran many programs at the summer camps for the East Greenwich Recreation Dept. in E.G., R.I.
Currently: Organize and teaches the Kickboxing programs at the Cerio Ambrosia Martial Arts Center.
Presently the Chief instructor for at the Cerio Ambrosia Martial Arts Center, North Kingstown RI
Defensive Tactics Instructor for seminars for bail bondsmen and private investigators in Miami Fl.